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Economic Woman: Demand, Gender, and Narrative Closure in Eliot and Hardy

University of Toronto 2012

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After Darwin: Literature, Theory, and Criticism

in the Twenty-First Century

Cambridge University Press 2022

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The Routledge Companion to Literature and Politics in English, ed. Matthew Stratton 2023
After Darwin Introduction (with Devin Griffiths)
Introduction to After Darwin: Literature, Theory, and Criticism in the Twenty-First Century 2022
Open Ecologies (with Devin Griffiths)
Introduction to Open Ecologies, special issue of Victorian Literature and Culture 2020
Teaching Morris the Utopian
Teaching William Morris, ed. Elizabeth Carolyn Miller and Jason D. Martinek 2019
Sustainability and Its Discontents: The View from the Nineteenth Century
From Political Economy to Economics through Nineteenth-Century Literature: Reclaiming the Social, ed. Elaine Hadley, Audry Jaffe, and Sarah Winter 2019
"Form Against Force": Sustainability and Organicism in the Work of John Ruskin
Ecological Form: System and Aesthetics in the Age of Empire, ed. Nathan K. Hensley and Philip Steer 2019
The Psychology of Victorian Buddhism and Rudyard Kipling's Kim
Nineteenth Century Literature 2018
Queering Time
Victorian Studies 2018
Victorian Literature and Culture 2018
The Madwoman on the Third Story: Jane Eyre in Space

PMLA 2016


The Discreet Charm of Abstraction: Hyperspace Worlds and Victorian Geometry

Victorian Studies 2014


Demand and Desire in Dracula

Economic Women: Essays on Desire and Dispossession in Nineteenth-Century British Culture, ed. Jill Rappoport and Lana Dalley 2013


Where Does the Pleasure Come From?  The Marriage Plot and Its Discontents in Jane Austen’s Emma

Persuasions 2007


Wolf Children and Automata: Bestiality and Boredom at Home and Abroad

Representations 2006


What Maxie Knew: The Gift and Oedipus in What Maisie Knew and Rushmore

Mosaic 2005


Incognito, Intervention, and Dismemberment in Adam Bede

ELH 2003


Superfluity and Suction: The Problem with Saving in The Mill on the Floss

Novel: A Forum on Fiction 2001

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